battery aluminum foil

battery aluminum foil


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Battery aluminum foil introduction

The battery aluminum foil has been called aluminum foil for lithium ion positive battery or aluminum foil for lithium battery . The main constituent materials of the lithium ion battery include an electrolyte, a separator, a positive and negative electrode, and the like, and the positive The electrode includes a current collector composed of lithium cobaltate or lithium nickel cobalt manganate, lithium manganate, lithium iron phosphate, and the like, and an battery aluminum foil.

battery aluminum foil

Additional information on battery aluminum foil 

At present, general battery aluminum foil products generally require a strength of M180Mpa, and are pure aluminum alloys, which means that the battery foil is a product that is extremely demanding on aluminum foil substrates. The battery aluminum foil is required to have the thinnest thickness and the Highest strength. , the highest surface cause value, the minimum thickness difference, the best shape, the cleanest surface. Mingtai Aluminum's 1235 aluminum foil for battery foil strength >180Mpa, extension >1.5%, wetting >32 dynes, can effectively improve the adhesion of active materials and Current collectors, reducing manufacturing costs.

battery aluminum foil

Mingtai Aluminum Battery Foil Advantages:

1. The surface of the battery aluminum foil has uniform color, cleanness and flatness, no obvious roll marks, pitting, pinholes and corrosion marks;

2. There are no rolling defects such as creases, spots, and bright lines on the surface of the battery foil; 

3. There is no color difference on the surface of the battery aluminum foil; 

4, The surface of battery foil is oil-free, no serious oil odor, no visible oil spots; 

5, Battery foil's surface tension, Dyne pen test is not less than 32 dyne;

battery aluminum foil

Battery aluminum foil technical parameters

Alloy series
1 series alloy
Typical alloy
1235 alloy, 1060 alloy, 1070 alloy
Material status
Thickness (mm)
Width (mm)
Length (mm)

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