food packaging foil

food packaging foil


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Food packaging foil introduction

Aluminum foil paper, the common name gold plate and silver plate paper, is an advanced aluminum-plated packaging material developed in recent years. This kind of food packaging foil paper has bright color, strong metallic feeling and elegant and bright printed products. It has played a icing on the cake for landscaping. Now food packaging foil has been widely used in printing various trademarks and foods. The food packaging foil protects goods, beautifies goods and increases goods on the market. The competitiveness has played a big role in promoting.

food packaging foil

The 1, 3, 5, and 8 series aluminum foils produced by Mingtai Aluminum can be used to manufacture aluminum foil for food packaging. The thickness of foil for food packaging is extremely strict. Mingtai uses Honeywell thickness gauge to accurately Control the thickness of the produced food packaging aluminum foil. First-class equipment and top-level instruments ensure the printing and mechanical properties of food packaging foils, improving product insulation and temperature resistance. If you want to know more about Mingtai's aluminum foil for food packaging, please contact us in time, Mingtai Aluminum will serve you wholeheartedly.

food packaging foil

The characteristics of the food packaging foil produced by Mingtai:

A:Food packaging foil O-state annealing, reaching the brush A grade.
B: Mingtai strictly controls the layout, and the produced food packaging foil has no black spots, scratches, bright lines, roller marks, etc.
C: All kinds of food grade aluminum foil packaging foils produced by Mingtai Aluminum have the advantages of non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, moisture-proof and high-temperature sterilization.

D: During the transportation and packaging process of food packaging foil, pay attention to moisture and moisture, and effectively avoid oxidation.

food packaging foil

Food packaging foil technical parameters

Alloy series

Typical alloy

Material state 

Thickness (mm) 

Width (mm)

Length (mm)

1 series

1060 alloy, 1100 alloy

 O, H22, H24




3 Series

3003 alloy

5 Series

5052 alloy

8 Series

8011 alloy,8021 alloy,8079 alloy

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