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electronic foil


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Electronic foil introduction

What is an electronic foil? Electronic foil is a light foil, which is a key raw material for the production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. It is an intermediate product that combines multidisciplinary technologies such as machinery, electronics, chemicals, and metal materials and related industries. Electronic foil is a high-tech, high value-added product.

electronic foil

The electronic foil is a high-purity aluminum foil which is hot-rolled from aluminum (high-purity aluminum) ingots into aluminum sheets and further cold-rolled and annealed. The 1 series and 3 series aluminum alloys produced by Henan Mingtai can be used for electronics. For the manufacture of electronic foil, 1070, 1100A, 3003 aluminum foil are commonly used. The foil rolling mill introduced by our company was designed and installed by Yushen Company. It uses ANDRITZ plate type roller; it adopts full hydraulic control, and it combines high-precision pressure sensor and servo valve to realize precise roll gap and ensure electronic foil. Production quality.

electronic foil

The characteristics of electronic foil produced by Mingtai:

A: Strictly control the width and thickness of the finished electronic foil product, and the thickness up and down is guaranteed to be within 4%.
B: Ensure the quality of the slice, the end face is cut, no burr, tower shape, etc.
C: Make sure that the tape at the joint of electronic aluminum foil does not stick to the layer.
D: The layout of electronic foil is smooth and smooth, without edges, oil spots, black oil spots, bright lines, roll marks, bumps, etc.

electronic foil

Electronic foil technical parameters

Alloy series
Typical alloy 
Material state
Thickness (mm) 
Width (mm)
 Length (mm)
1 series
1070, 1100A 
3 Series 

Electronic foil Product Process

1. Blank R3003/Z3003, specification is 4.0/7.2*1650.
2.R3003 is cold rolled to 0.3 mm intermediate H24 annealing.
 Z3003 is cold rolled to 4.8 and 0.5 intermediate O-state annealing.
3.Finishing electronic foil products by foil rolling, slitting to 3 strips, each strip is 500 mm wide.

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