The quality of aluminum coil coating affecting factors

- 2020-06-27 -

Coating is a key process in the entire aluminum coil coating production line. The quality of the coated product, especially the apparent quality, directly affects the decorative effect of the product. Therefore, we must first grasp the common defects and the causes of formation in the painting process.

1. aluminum coil Raw materials quality

Coatings and aluminum coils are factors that can affect the quality of the coating during the coating process. Due to the color difference between the batches of the coating, the fineness of the coating is not enough and the coating rate is not high. Defects that directly affect the coating effect. The unevenness of the aluminum coil substrate, uneven film thickness, and poor edge deflection also directly affect the product quality and overall use. Therefore, when selecting raw materials, it should be strictly controlled.

5052 aluminum coil coating-1

5052 aluminum coil sheet

2. Equipment for aluminum coil coating

The coating line requires the coating equipment to be intact. The coating equipment needs to run smoothly without horizontal and vertical vibrations. The coating roller needs to be finely ground. All rollers of the coating machine must be controlled within the allowable range, otherwise it will seriously affect the coating surface quality.

aluminum coil coating-2

3. Aluminum coil coating process

The coating process is closely related to the quality of the coating, and it is required to control the relative linear speed ratio of the coating roller, paint roller, metering roller and substrate to a certain range. According to different systems and the film thickness of the coating products, a certain viscosity range should be set for the coating to ensure the smooth progress of the coating and promote the improvement of product quality. The curing process of the paint, the oven control must be controlled according to the requirements, and no changes are allowed, otherwise it will seriously affect the color difference and performance of the coated product.

aluminum coil coating-3

4. External environment during coating

requires the interior of the painting room to be clean, dustproof, insect-proof and certain ventilation performance, to ensure that the quality of the painted surface is not contaminated. At the same time, the process conditions were changed in time due to temperature changes.

aluminum coil coating-4

5. Human factors

Operator's responsibility, technical proficiency and operation standardization are the key to obtain high-quality coating effect. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the training of the operator and let the operator master the principles and main points of the coating technology, strengthen the accountability, and strictly follow the operating procedures to ensure high-quality coating products.

aluminum coil coating-5

The above factors are interrelated and influence each other. Sometimes the occurrence of a defect is related to various factors, and it is necessary to analyze and eliminate specific problems. Knowing some of the above factors, I believe that when you choose an aluminum plate manufacturer, your goals will be more clear. If you have any other questions about aluminum coil products, please feel free to contact.

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