aluminium foil jumbo roll price

- 2020-06-14 -

Household aluminum foil jumbo roll is suitable for food preservation, barbecue, aviation, hotel catering and kitchen cleaning. Aluminum foil containers and meal boxes can be used for aviation, hotel catering and disposable fast food and food packaging. Industrial aluminum foil roll is suitable for large rolls of aluminum foil in various industries such as electronics, cigarettes, and food packaging.

aluminium foil jumbo roll recyclable

Aluminum has extremely high recyclability and reproducibility, can be recycled for unlimited times, and has limited quality loss, and can maintain its original characteristics. Recycled aluminum can be used to produce many manufactured products. The energy required for the regeneration process of aluminium foil jumbo roll is only less than 5% of the energy required for the production of primary aluminum, and the emission of greenhouse gases is 95% less than that of primary aluminum. After being used, the aluminum foil lunch box can be easily compressed and easily sorted, thereby reducing the amount of garbage generated.

aluminium foil jumbo roll food grade, more at ease

The vessel made of aluminium foil jumbo roll can withstand the temperature change well. Under the high and low temperature of -20°C-250°C, the molecular structure is stable and unchanged. Its use temperature can range from rapid freezing to extreme baking and grilling, during which the aluminum foil does not deform, crack, melt or burn, and does not produce harmful substances.

Food grade aluminium foil with strong fresh-keeping function

Although aluminum foil is very thin, it has strong barrier properties. It can completely block light, gas and other substances, improve freshness and protect moisture, and prevent the leakage or mixing of taste, which can effectively maintain the original taste and characteristics of the product.

aluminium foil highlights taste

The aluminum foil roll has a bright metallic luster and is compatible with all printing technologies. Therefore, it allows designers to give full play to their imagination and design unique patterns and brand logos. Aluminum foil product manufacturers can process color printing, surface coating, embossing, embossing, and coding on aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers according to the needs of food processing enterprises and catering enterprises to highlight the difference and aesthetics of products To enhance the brand image and corporate image, but also help consumers and distributors to trace products. Consumers can also have a good consumer experience in the process of consumption.

aluminium foil jumbo roll

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a listed company specializing in the processing and production of aluminum sheets and foils. The company was established for 23 years and has rich experience in aluminum foil processing. The company produces 8011 aluminum foil, 3003 aluminum foil and other large roll of aluminum foil jumbo roll substrates, and All major food and pharmaceutical packaging material manufacturers have cooperated, and aluminum foil jumbo roll price is high quality and low price, high cost performance, and has been recognized by customers.

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