Mingtai Aluminum foil rolls are recognized by many countries

- 2020-06-10 -

Aluminum foil rolls base material for bottle cap material is one of Mingtai Aluminum's superior products. The company is equipped with an extra long cleaning line and domestic advanced flat shears to ensure that the surface of the product is degreased and clean, and the ear making rate is low. The market application is mainly used in the field of bottle cap packaging such as alcohol, beverage, cosmetics, etc.

The aluminum base materials for bottle caps produced by the company are widely used in the fields of bottle cap packaging such as alcohol, beverages, medical capping materials, cosmetics, etc., and are exported to more than 40 countries and regions such as South Korea, North America, Southeast Asia and the United States.

Production capacity and advantages of Mingtai Aluminum:

(1+4) hot continuous rolling production line independently researched and developed in China with internationally advanced technology. The high-precision integrated profile control system greatly improves product quality; the continuous casting and rolling production line increases production capacity to 450,000 tons.
The product is simple in shape, well-made, highly sealed, low cost, non-polluting and recyclable. At the same time, it meets the requirements of high-temperature cooking and sterilization of alcohol, beverage and medical and health products.
The product version is flat, with high surface gloss and good alkali cleaning effect, which can reach the level A of the water brushing experiment. The end surface of the aluminum strip is smooth, without defects such as parabolic lines and collapse lines.
Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a listed company specializing in the processing and production of aluminum sheets, aluminum strips and aluminum foils. The stock code is 601677. The main production and sales products include 1, 3, 5, 6, 8 series aluminum strips and foils. We have mature Production technology, strong enterprise strength, complete certificates.

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