wall decor with aluminium foil decor foil paper

- 2020-05-27 -

According to the investigation, foil paper decorations will develop rapidly and have huge market potential. The amount of aluminum foil needed for decoration will reach tens of thousands of tons. In addition to the domestic market, Southeast Asia and some European and American countries also have greater demand.

Introduction of decor foil paper

High-quality decor foil paper is a decorative material that is applied in the form of aluminum-plastic composites. It uses the characteristics of aluminum foil with good coloring and light and heat reflectivity. It is mainly used for decoration of buildings and furniture and part of gift box packaging. With the rapid development of the building decoration industry and the real estate industry, emerging architectural foil paper decorations materials are constantly emerging. Among them, high-quality decorative aluminum foil is widely used, and aluminum foil is its main processing material.

decor foil paper development trend

High-quality decor foil paper, as an excellent electronic shielding material and building decoration material, overcomes the light pollution and safety problems of glass curtain walls, and is increasingly favored by the building decoration industry. In recent years, the demand for wall decor with aluminium foil has increased dramatically It is generally used as a decoration material for building interior walls and interior furniture, and is also widely used in the facades and interior decoration of commercial institutions.

Types of decor foil paper alloy

The high-quality decor foil paper is a single zero aluminum foil. In order to meet the mechanical and performance requirements of the finished product, the type of alloy must be selected reasonably. At present, the alloy grades of decorative aluminum foil mainly include 1100 aluminum foil, 8011 aluminum foil, etc.

Advantages of decor foil paper

The high-quality decor foil paper has the advantages of heat insulation, moisture resistance, sound insulation, fire prevention and easy cleaning, etc., and the appearance is prosperous, convenient processing, and fast construction and installation speed. At present, the construction and home improvement industries have formed an upsurge in the application of foil paper wall decorations.

decor foil paper

With the rapid development of the construction industry and the continuous popularization of decorative foil applications, the demand for wall decor with aluminium foil will increase substantially. In addition, the use of decoration foil paper to wrap gifts is very popular abroad. In recent years, it has developed rapidly in China, and it is expected to have better prospects.

wall decor with aluminium foil

Used for decor foil paper substrate is one of Mingtai Aluminum's special products. In addition, Mingtai can also produce aluminum alloy products such as aluminum foil for heat sealing, aluminum foil for vacuum cooking, aluminum foil for single-zero lithium batteries, and aluminum foil for power capacitors.

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