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- 2020-05-24 -

The decoration foil has good coloring property and high light and heat reflectivity. It is widely used in architectural fields such as facade and interior decoration.

Advantages of decoration foil

The decoration foil has the advantages of heat insulation, moisture proof, sound insulation, fire prevention and easy cleaning, etc., and has luxurious appearance, convenient processing and fast construction device. At present, the construction and home improvement industry has formed a boom in the use of decoration foils. With the rapid development of China's construction industry and the continuous popularization of the use of decoration foil, the demand for decoration foil will also increase significantly. In addition, the use of aluminum foil decoration packaging gifts is very popular in foreign countries and domestic, will have a better prospect.

Classification of decoration foil

There are many types of decoration foils, and different aluminum foils also have different functions. Decoration foil paper can be divided into rolled aluminum foil and sheet aluminum foil according to shape. Most of the aluminum foil deep-processing wool is supplied in rolls.

Hard foil decoration foil and soft decoration foil

After the aluminum foil is rolled without softening treatment (annealing) and without degreasing treatment, the surface is covered with residues. Therefore, the hard foil must be degreased before printing, laminating, and coating. If it is used for forming, it can be used directly. This is a hard decoration foil. Aluminum foil that has been fully annealed and softened after rolling is soft and has no residual oil on the surface. At present, most applications, such as packaging, compounding, electrical materials, etc., use soft aluminum foil decoration.

One side light decoration foil and two side light decoration foil

The single-sided glossy aluminum foil decoration foil is a double-rolled decor foil paper, which is bright on one side after being rolled, and the surface is blackened. Such aluminum foil is called one-sided glossy aluminum foil. The thickness of the aluminum foil on one side is usually not more than o.025mm. The two-sided light decoration foil is a single-rolled aluminum foil. The two paintings are in contact with the roller. The two sides of the aluminum foil are divided into mirror two-sided light aluminum foil and ordinary two-sided light aluminum foil due to the different surface roughness of the roller. The thickness of the aluminum foil on both sides is generally not less than 0.01mm.

Other decoration foil

Decoration foil can be divided into plain foil, embossed foil, composite foil, coated foil, colored aluminum foil and printed aluminum foil according to the added state. ① Plain foil: Decoration foil without any other processing after rolling, also called smooth foil. ② Embossed foil: decorative foil with various patterns pressed on the surface. ③ Composite foil: A composite decoration foil formed by attaching aluminum foil to paper, plastic film, and cardboard. ④Coated foil: Aluminum foil coated with various resins or lacquers on the surface. ⑤Colored aluminum foil: A single color aluminum foil is coated on the surface. ⑥Printing decor foil paper: The decoration foil that forms various patterns, patterns, texts or pictures on the surface by printing, can be one color, up to 12 colors.

decoration foil paper

Aluminium foil decoration has the advantages of light weight, airtightness and good covering. It is mainly used in the three major fields of packaging, electromechanical and construction.

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