aluminum foil in freezer uses

- 2020-05-08 -

Aluminum foil in freezer mainly plays the role of sealing and fixing, has good moisture resistance and shading performance, and also has extremely high blocking ability, and its application range is wide.

The sealing effect of aluminum foil in freezer

Aluminum foil in freezer can be made into aluminum foil tape. The evaporator pipeline is covered with aluminum foil tape to avoid the foam material enveloping the pipeline, which affects the cooling capacity transmission, and also avoids the corrosion of the foam material to the pipeline. Aluminium foil in freezer fixed the pipeline inside the box to avoid the deformation of the pipeline caused by foaming material extrusion during foaming. After the gap of the refrigerator partition is attached, avoid gas churn and cause other failures. At the same time, some wires and components can be fixed.

aluminum foil in freezer

Fixing function of aluminum foil in freezer

Aluminum foil in freezer can fix the condenser and speed up the heat transfer. Most condensers from refrigerators are served with aluminum foil tape, because aluminum foil has a better heat transfer effect, which accelerates the heat dissipation effect of the condenser source. The aluminum foil in refrigerator is isolated to prevent the foaming agent from directly contacting the condenser to cause oxidative corrosion of the condenser, and it has a certain protective effect after being attached to the condenser.

aluminum foil in refrigerator

Which alloy's aluminum foil in freeze is good?

8011 aluminum foil is a kind of high technical content in many aluminum foil specifications. Its flat version, clean surface, uniform color, no mottling, can be customized according to demand, its application value is particularly considerable, aluminum foil in freeze is used outside the steam duct It can prevent the temperature from losing. In addition to being used in refrigerators, aluminum foil can also be used in industries such as airborne, automotive, and electronics. It has become an indispensable and important choice for aluminum foil raw materials for tape industry, food packaging, industry and other industries.

8011 aluminum foil

At this moment, everyone knows the role of aluminum foil in freezer. Here we recommend 8011 aluminum foil for refrigerators produced by Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. It has strong strength, good reputation, excellent products, affordable prices and perfect service .

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