Is it safe to use aluminum foil in oven?

- 2020-05-02 -

The use of the oven in life is relatively common, and it is feasible that aluminum foil can be used in the oven. The following is an analysis of the role of aluminum foil in oven and other uses.

aluminum foil in oven anti-greasy, cleaning aid

After aluminum foil in oven is used, as long as the aluminum foil is removed, the cleaning work can be completed more easily. In the same way, it can also be spread on the stained board to cut the greasy food ingredients, so as to prevent the stained board from being stained with oil and difficult to clean. Or before cooking, you can stick aluminum foil on the wall in front of the gas stove, so as not to remove the oil stains that are difficult to remove.

aluminum foil in oven

Aluminum foil in oven wrapped ingredients, food is more delicious

Wrap ingredients in aluminum foil in oven for grilling, such as butter crab, grilled clams, etc., can lock the fresh and sweet flavor of ingredients!

Aluminum foil paper is generally divided into light side and matte side. The matte surface is easy to absorb heat, so the matte surface should be oriented towards the light and heat to have an effect. Therefore, aluminum foil in oven uses bright areas to wrap food, and the mist faces charcoal fire, so that the meat is easy to cook.

aluminium foil in oven

aluminum foil can quickly help freezing

Meat or seafood bought from the market can be wrapped in plastic wrap while fresh, and then wrapped with a layer of aluminum foil paper into the freezer, so that the ingredients can be frozen more quickly and maintain the freshness of the food.

Aluminum foil is used in daily life

The blunt scissors in the home can be easily restored to the male's style by cutting a pair of aluminum foil folded into two or three layers. Or you can crumple the used aluminum foil and throw it into the drain hole of the sink. The aluminum foil paper mass will collide with the drain hole after being rinsed with water, producing metal ions. The drain hole will not easily stick to the greasy food waste and has a deodorizing function.

food aluminum foil

The relevant knowledge about aluminum foil in oven and other uses is summarized here for everyone. As for the use of it in the oven, it is safe and unsafe. There is also an introduction in the article.

Note: When wrapping food with aluminum foil for grilling, do not drip acidic substances such as lemon juice in aluminum foil in oven, because aluminum foil is a metal. Harmful substances for human body.

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