3003 aluminum coil for sale

- 2020-04-13 -

Finding a reliable supplier of 3003 aluminum coil for sale is very important for mobile phone battery shell manufacturers. With the rapid development of the communications industry, the demand for 3003 aluminum coil sheets for cell phone battery shells continues to grow. Therefore, the quality of raw materials and products needs to be guaranteed.

Advantages of 3003 aluminum alloy

3003 aluminum alloy has the advantages of moderate strength, high plasticity, good welding performance, strong corrosion resistance and smooth surface. It is widely used in the production of various deep-drawn products, 3003 aluminum alloy foil, 3003 aluminum coil 3003 aluminum products are a choice of aluminum for mobile phone battery shells.

3003 aluminum coil for sale

The stamping process of 3003 aluminum coil sheet for mobile phone battery shells requires extremely high comprehensive performance of materials. First, the 3003 aluminum coil material must have good stamping performance, that is, good plasticity, small yield ratio and anisotropy, stable mechanical properties, and small dispersion.

3003 aluminum coil uses

Key matters of 3003 aluminum coil for sale

3003 aluminum coil has high strength and hardness to protect the internal structure of the battery; so the good quality 3003 aluminum coil for sale can also guarantee the service life of the battery. Generally speaking, the aluminum coil for sale must have good appearance quality to win the trust of customers, and the aluminum coil material should also have good corrosion resistance and welding performance.

With its unique characteristics and stable quality, the 3003 aluminum coil for sale product produced by Mingtai Aluminum plays a vital role in many fields.

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