1000 series aluminum strip foil for nose wire

- 2020-04-03 -

1000 series aluminum strip alloys containing more than 99.00% aluminum, good electrical conductivity, good corrosion resistance, good welding performance, low strength, and enhanced heat treatment. Can be applied to medicine, such as the production of aluminum nose wire, and some other chemical industries and other special purpose.

Features of 1000 series aluminum strip foil

1000 series aluminum strip foil alloy has the characteristics of low density, good electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, high melting latent heat, large light reflection coefficient, small thermal neutron absorption cross-sectional area and beautiful appearance. 1000 series aluminum foil can form a dense and strong oxide film on the surface in the air, which prevents the intrusion of oxygen, so it has good corrosion resistance.

1000 series aluminum strip

1000 series aluminum strip benefits for making aluminum nose wire

Because 1000 series aluminum strip has low strength, the heat treatment effect is not good, but it can just be used for manufacturing aluminum nose wire. 1000 series aluminum nose bridge strip Aluminum has high purity and is not easy to be oxidized. It can be used on masks to ensure the safety and health of the masks, which is more environmentally friendly than PVC materials and can be recycled.

1000 series aluminum foil

Some other questions about 1000 series aluminum supplier

Q1. Are you a factory or a trading company?
A1: Yes, we are a professional aluminum alloy supplier and manufacturer with 23 years of history,Our excellent products are 1070 aluminum foil, 1235 aluminum foil ,etc.
Q2. Can you provide free samples?
A2: Yes, we can provide samples for free, but if you are printing a logo and need a very large size, you may need to charge a small sample fee.
Q3. Can we visit your factory?
A3: Yes, welcome all customers and friends to our factory. 

1000 series aluminum alloys

Concluding Parts

Henan Mingtai Aluminium Co., Ltd. is skilled in the production of 1000 series aluminum strip foil, and its performance is stable and reliable. Mingtai Aluminum adheres to the "people-oriented, honest and trustworthy, and create a win-win situation" philosophy, adheres to the "providing customers with more guaranteed product quality, better prices, more comprehensive services" as its purpose, products sell well in more than 40 countries and Region, deeply trusted by our customers.

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