4 by 8 aluminum sheets product description

- 2020-03-23 -

4 by 8 aluminum sheets have good elongation and high strength. Like common 5083 aluminum sheets, they have good compatibility with gasoline and diesel, etc., which can avoid high-quality pollution and do not need surface metal treatment for corrosion protection.

Commonly used 4 by 8 aluminum sheets

The commonly used 4 by 8 aluminum sheets in the market are generally within 12.5 meters in length, less than 2.2 meters in width, and generally 5, 6, 7, 8 mm in thickness. A complete tanker tank generally requires 4-6 pieces of 4x8 aluminum sheet to be welded. The important can body is the 5083 aluminum sheet H111 aluminum plate. The can lids on both sides are in the O state 4x8 aluminum, which is softer, and the can lid needs to be bent. The partition part is also 4x8 aluminum sheet. . In addition, some manufacturers use 5454 4x8 aluminum sheet to produce tanks.

Advantages of 4 by 8 aluminum sheets

4 by 8 aluminum sheets The product is used more in ship plate and tanker aluminum plate. It will not rust even if scratches occur, the appearance brightness remains relatively long, easy to clean, and the service life of aluminum alloy tank trucks is relatively long. The good ductility of 4x8 aluminum sheet can also improve the safety of tank trucks and reduce potential safety hazards. , And can be recycled.

4 by 8 aluminum sheets

The 4 by 8 aluminum sheets produced by Mingtai Aluminum mainly include 5083 aluminum sheets and 5754 aluminum sheets for many years. The aluminum plates produced are flat, resistant to spalling, energy consumption, and guaranteed quality. They are sold throughout the country. 5083 aluminum sheets are even used for marine use. Choose first.

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