how against the new coronavirus in China Mingtai

- 2020-03-19 -

how against the new coronavirus in China as a experience that can be learned from the countries where the epidemic has occurred. At present, the new coronavirus in some countries is intensifying. While China continues to do a good job of preventing and controlling its own epidemic, China is comprehensively promoting different forms of international cooperation and providing support and assistance to outside parties within its ability.

Mingtai Aluminum actively responds to national calls, strictly guards against the new coronavirus, actively resumes production and resumes production, and steadily carries out various tasks, making every effort to ensure the stable operation of production and operation, and ensuring the supply of medical aluminum alloy products such as pharmaceutical aluminum foil. Mingtai Aluminum provides against the new coronavirus tips for public in production and life.

against the new coronavirus tips 1--promote epidemic knowledge

Promote epidemic knowledge is an important part of against the new coronavirus tips.Strengthening the knowledge of science popularization, ensure the implementation of publicity and education, strengthen the guidance and control of public opinion, educate employees not to believe or spread rumors, and create a positive public opinion atmosphere for epidemic prevention and control. Through various angles and big screens such as large screens, banners, and bulletin boards, propaganda and prevention knowledge promotion of pneumonia was carried out, and hand sanitizer and sulfur soap were placed at the door of the toilet to remind employees to pay attention to personal hygiene and protection safety.

how against the new coronavirus

against the new coronavirus tips 2--strict control

Mingtai Aluminum's second against the new coronavirus tips are strictly in all aspects of the return to production.Taking regular temperature measurements before work and wear mask gloves and hats throughout the work. After three meals, thoroughly disinfect the kitchen and restaurant tables and chairs, including door handles and faucets. Ventilate in the morning and afternoon every day to ensure hygiene in the restaurant without leaving dead ends. These little details exude huge energy, guarding every Mingtai people.

against the new coronavirus-1

against the new coronavirus tips 3--strict disinfection

Disinfection is essential and important for the against new coronavirus tips. Mingtai Aluminum Branch Factory configures disinfectants, watering cans, thermometers, and masks for each workshop; daily employees take temperature measurements and must wear masks while they are on the job; each train line arranges disinfection personnel, and comprehensively disinfects the workshop. Disinfection includes the operating room, Trash bins, smoking areas, etc. At the same time as disinfection, disinfection records are made simultaneously to ensure stable and orderly production of safety.

against the new coronavirus-2

In the face of the new coronavirus epidemic, Mingtai Aluminum's various plants under the premise of strict implementation of prevention and control measures, grasp the epidemic prevention and control, and safety production. Ensure quality and safe products.WHO announces that goods exported from China will not carry virus.Mingtai aluminum fighting against the new coronavirus under controlling.There is some "advice for public" situation from WHO. It is believed that the epidemic of new crown pneumonia in the world will be defeated eventually.

against the new coronavirus-3

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