7075 aluminum plate for sale and supply

- 2020-03-18 -

Preliminary understanding of 7075 aluminum plate

7075 aluminum plate is an aluminum alloy with zinc as the main alloy element, but sometimes it needs to be added with a small amount of magnesium and copper. It can be heat treated and strengthened. It is a high strength and heat treatable alloy. Is a typical aerospace military special aluminum alloy material.

What properties does 7075 aluminum plate have?

7075 aluminum plate's high strength and strong corrosion resistance make it used in aircraft structural parts, such as aircraft upper and lower wing wall panels, stringers, and bulkheads. Of course, it is also widely used in molds, such as aluminum alloy shoe molds and underwear molds.

7075 aluminum plate price and cost

What is the sales price of 7075 aluminum plate? Because the 2 and 7 series aluminum plates are all alloys with high hardness, high processing requirements and high quenching strength, the price is more expensive than other series products. Of course, the specific price of 7075 aluminum plate is still based on the state, thickness and width of 7075 aluminum plate. Different specifications and different input costs will naturally make the price of 7075 aluminum sheet different.

Which 7075 aluminum plate suppliers is good?

7075 aluminum plate requires a certain degree of processing technology and equipment, only large aluminum plate suppliers have their production capacity. Mingtai Aluminum is the experienced and trusted 7075 aluminum plate suppliers.

Mingtai Aluminum has been dedicated to the processing of 7075 aluminum plates for 22 years. The products produced range from a single variety to a variety of alloys. Now it is a silver mirror six-roll cold rolling mill equipment that can produce ultra-wide and thick aluminum plates. The product has better shape, higher precision and more stable performance.

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