polished aluminum sheet/plate production process

- 2020-03-17 -

The production process of polished aluminum sheet involves complicated procedures, mainly including many steps. The polishing process of the following main 5052 aluminum plate is taken as an example to show the main steps.

polished aluminum sheet production first step-filling

Polished aluminum sheet metal needs to increase the filling time interval and increase the inclination to allow gas to escape as soon as possible. The chemical polishing liquid has a large specific gravity and aluminum is very light. During the polishing process, the aluminum plate must be prevented from floating and floating on the surface to form uneven brightness. The conductive beam should be aggravated to avoid the polished aluminum sheet from floating; the decoration surface that requires high brightness may be charged vertically outward to allow the gas to escape as soon as possible; the material should be stable and placed on the non-decorated surface when using fixtures to avoid leaving traces.

polished aluminum sheet

polished aluminum sheet requires degreasing

Polished aluminum sheet is usually surface treated with a water-based degreasing product containing an active agent.

How to make polished aluminum sheet evenly polished

Use mechanical stirring or gas stirring or liquid flow. Ensure that the gas escapes as quickly as possible to avoid the defects of gas accumulation. When the gas accumulates to a certain amount, the bubbles escape upwards, which makes the appearance of 5052 polished aluminum sheet a gas stripe. In addition, proper stirring can make the polishing more uniform. The stirring time is usually 1-3 minutes, but it depends on the amount of dissolved aluminum, appearance gloss, temperature, etc.

The temperature has a very important influence on the polishing effect of polished aluminum plate and the appearance quality. The temperature will increase, but the polishing power will be accelerated, but more gas will be generated. No more than 105 degrees.

Then, it is recommended to wash the polished aluminum plate with air agitation. It is recommended that the water temperature be at 40 degrees. It is recommended to clean with flowing circulating water. After polishing the surface of some polished aluminum plates, there is a layer of hanging ash that needs to be removed, and the brightness comes out after removal.

polished aluminum sheet relative density

If the density is too low, the brightness of the polished surface may be insufficient, or the appearance of the brightness may be deteriorated. If the density is too high, the amount of aluminum that can be dissolved on the right is too high, which may cause adhesions.

The above are the related matters of polished aluminum sheet that Mingtai Aluminum tells you. I hope the questions we have mentioned above can help you. Mingtai Aluminum has focused on the production of polished aluminum sheet metal for more than 20 years. The surface of the aluminum sheet is uniform in color and density, which meets standards.

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