aluminum sheet metal surface cleaning tips

- 2020-03-11 -

In the production process of aluminum sheet metal, due to equipment or personnel operation errors and other reasons, quality problems such as oil pollution often appear on the product surface. Here, Mingtai Aluminum summarizes the problem of surface oil pollution. Hope it can be helpful to everyone.

why aluminum sheet has oil pollution problem

Oil pollution is the most common problem in the quality of aluminum sheet. Oil pollution refers to the most oil on the surface of aluminum tips after rolling. It also carries excess oil other than the rolling oil film, and the surface is visible with oil during the aluminum sheet slitting production and finished product inspection. These oils are mainly caused by roll necks or rolling mill outlets throwing, splashing, dripping on the box surface, abnormalities in rolling mill cleaners, oil dripping from the thickness gauge of rolling mills, etc., and often have more complicated components.

aluminum sheet metal

Harm of oil pollution to aluminum sheet metal

This kind of oil pollution will bring great harm to the surface of the aluminum sheet metal. First, because the finished aluminum sheet is mostly used as decoration or packaging material, it must have a clean surface; And because of the large amount of oil, excessive residues are formed there, which affects the use. The degree of oil pollution is an important indicator for evaluating the quality of aluminum sheet metal.

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Method for solving aluminum sheet metal oil pollution

The solution is to strictly check the production equipment before the production of aluminum sheet metal. If there is too much oil in the equipment, clean it in time and find out the reason. At the same time, clean the surface of the production of aluminum sheet metal products. Processing, oily products are prohibited from entering the warehouse and entering the market.

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