Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil for Anti-epidemic Medicine

- 2020-02-06 -

Mingtai Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil for Anti-epidemic Medicine

During the Spring Festival of 2020, the outbreak of new coronavirus-infected pneumonia occurred in wuhan and other places in China, and the search and development of anti-epidemic drugs is undoubtedly a key measure to combat the epidemic. Therefore,Pharmaceutical aluminum foil, a key packaging material, especially anti-epidemic drugs packaging, also became an important material during the outbreak. For a time, Mingtai received a number of pharmaceutical packaging co., ltd. from suzhou, changzhou and other calls and letters, requesting timely supply of pharmaceutical foil. The epidemic is the order, Mingtai responded immediately, set up the leading group for epidemic prevention and control internally, strengthen the internal epidemic prevention at the same time, race against time, go all out to produce pharmaceutical aluminum foil, a scarce material. During the Spring Festival, Mingtai employees voluntarily gave up their vacations to ensure the orderly operation of production and management and ensure the timely supply of pharmaceutical foil.

Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil for Anti-epidemic Medicine

8011 pharmaceutical aluminum foil, H18 /O temper
Width:300-1000 mm
Numbers of meter:8000 m                                                                              

Application: Tablet and capsule blister packaging

8021 pharmaceutical aluminum foil,O temper
Thickness: 0.04/0.05/0.06/0.065
Width: 300-1050 mm
Numbers of meter: 2000-4000 m

Application: Epidemic medicine packaging requiring higher sealing, moisture resistance and light shielding, cold formed pharmaceutical aluminum foil

Fight the Epidemic , Mingtai Aluminum in Action

While fully guaranteeing the supply of pharmaceutical aluminum foil, Mingtai Aluminum also donated  1 million RMB to the Red Cross society of gongyi city, where it is located, for the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, making a contribution to the national health protection. Here, If you have any requirements, then do not hesitate to click the right online customer service, come to contact us!

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