Professional manufacturer of aluminum sheet for curtain wall

- 2020-01-31 -

Description: The aluminum sheet for curtain wall is light in weight and can be used in combination with glass and other materials. At the same time, it has excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance. It will be introduced in detail below.


The aluminum sheet for curtain wall is usually a high-quality and high-strength aluminum alloy sheet. The commonly used thickness is 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0MM, the common model is 3003, and the state is H24. The curtain wall aluminum sheet has a unique texture, rich color, long lasting, and various appearance shapes. It can be perfectly combined with glass curtain wall materials and stone curtain wall materials. The aluminum wall of the curtain wall is light in weight, only one fifth of the marble, and one third of the glass curtain wall, which greatly reduces the load of the building structure and foundation; the maintenance cost is low and the cost performance is high.

Advantages of aluminum sheet for curtain wall

The aluminum curtain wall in the metal curtain wall has always dominated the metal curtain wall. The lightweight material reduces the load on the building and provides good selection conditions for high-rise buildings. The waterproof, anti-fouling and anti-corrosion properties are excellent, ensuring the exterior of the building. The surface is durable and long-lasting, making, transportation, installation and construction are relatively easy to implement. It provides strong support for its widespread use. The diversity of colors and the combination of shapes can be formed into different appearance shapes, which expands the architect's design space. High performance-price ratio, easy maintenance, long service life, meet the requirements of the owner.

Disadvantages of aluminum sheet for curtain wall

The anti-deformation capability of the curtain wall system must be scientifically calculated for each important part of the curtain wall system, considering the effects of wind pressure, dead weight, earthquake, temperature and other effects on the curtain wall system, and the impact on the embedded parts, connection systems, keel systems, panels and panels. The fasteners are carefully checked to ensure the safety of the curtain wall. The inconsistent forces at the various fixed points of the sheet will cause the deformation of the face material and affect the exterior decoration effect.

Professional manufacturer of aluminum sheet for curtain wall

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a large-scale private aluminum processing listed company in China, with an annual output of 650,000 tons. The aluminum sheet base material (not finished product) for curtain wall produced by Mingtai Aluminum has good forming processability, corrosion resistance and water resistance. It has the national standard of aluminum sheet and strip (GB / T3880-2006). The quality and brand have won the trust of customers. It is the aluminum sheet and foil manufacturer trusted by customers.

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