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- 2020-01-13 -

Recently, Mingtai Aluminum successfully obtained the factory approval certificates of two world-renowned classification and certification authorities-Lloyd's Register (LR) and Bureau Veritas (BV) of France. The marine aluminum products market has won another pass.

At present, the company has successively obtained a total of 5 ships from China Classification Society (CCS), Norwegian Classification Society (DNV), American Classification Society (ABS), French Classification Society (BV), and British Classification Society (LR). Class society certification.

High requirements for marine aluminum certification

As the shipbuilding industry is a high-risk major equipment manufacturing industry, the common regulations (regulations) of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) have very high entry requirements and quality requirements for shipbuilding and upstream supporting industrial chains. Marine aluminum alloy plate products Inspection and certification requirements are very strict. 

The British Lloyd's Register (LR) and the French Bureau Veritas (BV) are the world's leading professional risk management service agencies. Their rigorous testing and inspection of certificate holders' products are highly recognized internationally.

marine aluminum certification-1

5083 marine aluminum alloy plate passed technical certification

As early as the end of 2018, according to market demand and company development strategy, the Technical Quality Department organized relevant departments to begin preparations for the certification of the British Lloyd's Register (LR) and the French Bureau Veritas (BV). In 2019, the surveyors of the two classification societies carried out on-site audits of the entire production and inspection process of 5083 marine aluminum alloy plates by Mingtai Aluminum in accordance with the requirements of the classification society's specifications. 

During the audit process, LR and BV surveyors fully affirmed the company's on-site management, process execution, production control, inspection and testing capabilities, product quality system, etc., after on-site review and various tests of the final product And finally passed the approval.

marine aluminum certification-2

The certification this time demonstrates the excellent performance of Mingtai Aluminum's marine products. The recognition of the company's brand in the international marine industry and its popularity in the international market will also be further expanded, laying a solid foundation for further opening up domestic and foreign markets.

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