1050/1060/1070 transformer aluminum foil

- 2020-01-04 -

Transformer aluminum foil is mainly used in large-scale transformers, solar energy, and power industries. Aluminum foil is the main material for manufacturing transformer windings. The quality of aluminum foil directly affects the quality of transformers and the use effect.

Model and parameter of aluminum foil for transformer

Transformer aluminum foil is usually 1000 series aluminum alloy products, which belongs to industrial pure aluminum, generally 1050, 1060, 1070 aluminum foil, etc. They all have good electrical and thermal conductivity, high plasticity, good corrosion resistance, can Extensibility and bending under various pressures.

aluminum foil for tansformer

aluminum foil for transformers quality standards

First, the shape of the surface of the aluminum foil for transformer should be flat and clean; second, the aluminum foil should be free of corrosion marks, oil marks, wrinkles, slits, rubbing scratches, light and dark lines, rubber roller marks, vibration marks, diagonal lines, etc .; further, the transformer aluminum foil There are no bright spots, roll marks, wheel marks, and black lines on the surface; finally, the surface of the aluminum foil is free of yellow oil spots, oil sticking, blistering, and tearing formed by the burning of lubricating oil.

tansformer aluminum foil

Transformer aluminum foil manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum produces transformer aluminum foil with many models and specifications, and can execute national, American, European, Russian, and Japanese standards. And the company is a listed company, which can be exported globally, the product quality is guaranteed, the transformer aluminum foil price is favorable, and the delivery time is short.

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