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- 2020-01-03 -

Speaking of aluminum foil 1235 alloy, many people will feel strange and feel like they have never seen it. In fact, if we take a closer look, we will find that it is actually in our lives, the surface of our refrigerators and our washing machines. Even in the decoration and decoration of our family, there is aluminum foil. Therefore, 1235 aluminum alloy foil is often used in our lives.

Characteristics of aluminum foil alloy 1235

The characteristics of aluminum foil alloy 1235 include the product's good atmospheric corrosion resistance, long service life, and good decorative effect. Many buildings use aluminum foil alloy 1235 as an interior decoration material to achieve better decorative effects. The use of 1235 aluminum alloy as a decorative material can beautify our living environment, and the product has a longer service life, which can reduce the number of replacement plates, help us save renovation costs, reduce waste of resources, and protect our environment.

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Selection criteria for 1235 aluminum foil

There are many selection criteria for 1235 aluminum foil. We need to look at the materials, check the thickness, strength and oxide film of the product to see if the product meets the relevant national standards. If it does not meet the relevant indicators, it is inferior products. We better not buy them. Secondly, just looking at the processing, high-quality 1235 aluminum foil is finely processed, bright in color and moderate in thickness. During the purchase process, if we find that the product is relatively dull in color and the surface of the product is uneven, we try not to buy it.

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The reason why 1235 aluminum alloy foil is special and excellent is that it has the properties of aluminum and absorbs the advantages of other metals. It is like an enhanced version of software. aluminum foil 1235 alloy has special properties that pure aluminum plates do not have.

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