Do you know about aluminum 3003 sheet?

- 2020-01-03 -

With the needs of the market environment, the alloy 3003 sheet is used by more and more manufacturers, and its application fields have also increased. However, there are still many things that are not known about the aluminum sheet alloy 3003. The following will explain the 3003 aluminum plate knowledge in order from shallow to deep.

Understanding aluminum 3003 sheet

Aluminum 3003 sheet is the most commonly used aluminum alloy of the 3000 series alloy, because it has a very manganese element, Mn plays a rust-proof performance in the chemical composition, and the aluminum sheet 3003 alloy has a very high manganese element. Therefore, 3003 aluminum is often used by y to have excellent rust prevention function, hardness is higher than 1 series, now it is gradually accepted by the market.


Performance advantages of 3003 aluminum sheet

The hardness of 3003 aluminum sheet is higher than that of 1 series. The tensile strength σb (MPa)) is 140-180, and the conditional yield strength σ0.2 (MPa)) ≥115. The 1000 series aluminum plate has high hardness, so it has a wider range of applications. In addition to the rust resistance of 3003 aluminum alloy, there are more products replaced with 3003 in the market. The most common ones are label materials and high-end points. For highway signs, aluminum sheet 3003 alloy is used more,because 3003 aluminum sheet is hard and rust-proof. It is gradually required by the state and has not replaced our common 1060 aluminum sheet.


Disadvantages of 3003 aluminum plate

There are a lot of advantages of 3003 aluminum plate. Are there any disadvantages? Yes, there are some disadvantages of it. For example, the 3003 aluminum plate cannot be subjected to high temperature heat treatment and there is no way to perform deep drawing. If deep drawing is used, it will cause cracking and the stamping effect is not as good as It is a 1060 aluminum sheet . It is thought that the 1060 aluminum sheet is pure aluminum, which is relatively soft. However, after the deep processing of the 3003 aluminum plate and the annealing process, the performance will be relatively good.


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