1070 aluminum alloy products applications

- 2019-12-31 -

The use of 1070 aluminum alloy has a long history. The continuous development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of production technology have ensured the good development of this aluminum alloy material. Today, along with Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd., learn about the special existence of aluminum alloy-1070 aluminum alloy. In this article, we will introduce the properties and uses of 1070 aluminum.

aluminum 1070 foil is a special material

aluminum 1070 foil is a special non-ferrous metal material. The alloy, obviously, is based on a metal, and then adds other required metal elements to it. Aluminum as the main element of 1070 alloy when metal elements such as copper and zinc are added during the production process. The reason why 1070 aluminum foil is special and excellent is that it has both the properties of aluminum and the advantages of other metals. It has special properties that pure aluminum does not have.

aluminum 1070 foil

Application of aluminum 1070 alloy in the construction industry

In the construction industry, aluminum 1070 alloy is no longer an unfamiliar word, because it has been widely used in many aspects of the construction industry, whether it is the decoration of the building's exterior wall or the interior of the building's interior, it may be used To 1070 aluminum foil or 1070 aluminum sheet, even 1070 aluminum alloy is used on the roof of many factories.

1070 aluminum alloy

The modern society is a rapidly developing society. In the future, the physical and chemical properties of 1070 alloy will continue to improve, and the mechanics and chemistry will continue to be upgraded. The quality of 1070 aluminum alloy products will also continue to increase The better.

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