What is aluminum foil 1070 alloy? In what fields?

- 2019-12-30 -

Aluminum foil 1070 alloy is called industrial pure aluminum foil, which is often cold-formed, eliminating the need for heating. It has good electrical and thermal conductivity, high plasticity, and strong corrosion resistance.

aluminum foil 1070 alloy as food packaging material

Aluminum foil 1070 is used as a food packaging material. It has high mechanical strength, good moldability, and good heat sealability. It is suitable for high-speed packaging machines. It can prevent moisture, oxygen, light, and fragrance, and can have a longer shelf life for food.

aluminum foil 1070 for packaging

1070 aluminum foil alloy as pharmaceutical packaging material

As a pharmaceutical packaging material, 1070 aluminum foil has moisture resistance, oxygen blocking, light shielding, and strong barrier properties. It can effectively avoid the damage of pharmaceutical ingredients by gas, light and other media. It is suitable for drugs with high barrier properties. It is suitable for cold pressing. Aluminum aluminum blister packaging machine. In addition, the 1070 aluminum foil used for packaging has good printing and coloring, rich colors and clear patterns, which is conducive to improving the grade of the product.

aluminum foil 1070 alloy-2

1070 aluminum foil used as battery foil material

As a battery aluminum foil, it is generally used as a lithium ion battery positive electrode current collector. The surface color of the product is uniform, clean, flat and flat, without bright oil stains;> 180Mpa, extension> 1.5%, wetting> 32 dyne, which can effectively improve the adhesion of active materials and current collectors and reduce manufacturing costs. 1060 aluminum foil is very suitable for battery foil.

aluminum foil 1070 alloy-3

aluminum foil 1070 alloy manufacturer

Aluminum foil 1070 alloy is one of Mingtai Aluminum's superior products. By strictly controlling the structure, performance, shape, thickness difference and surface quality of 1060 aluminum foil, it ensures stable product performance and excellent quality. Mingtai Aluminum 1070 aluminum foil has a high degree of recognition in the market, and has a good reputation and recognition in the market.

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