Knowledge of aluminum honeycomb panel

- 2019-12-30 -

The whole process of aluminum honeycomb panel is completed in a modern factory. Using hot pressing technology, due to the high heat conduction value between the aluminum skin and the honeycomb, the thermal expansion and contraction of the aluminum skin inside and outside are synchronized. The gas can flow freely; the sliding mounting buckle system will not cause structural deformation during thermal expansion and contraction.

Features of aluminum honeycomb panel:

Aluminum honeycomb panels have the following characteristics: heat insulation, and the melting point of aluminum is as high as 660 ° C, so when a fire occurs, neither the surface aluminum panel nor the middle aluminum honeycomb core will ignite. Corrosion resistance, pressure bearing, aluminum honeycomb panel has high strength bearing capacity, sound absorption, environmental protection, and various colors.

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Mechanical properties of aluminum honeycomb panel:

Aluminum honeycomb panel has good toughness and resilience. The results of mechanical performance tests show that the aluminum honeycomb panel has a compressive strength limit of 407.6 ~ 790.4kN / m2, a bending strength limit of 740.0 ~ 788.0kN / m2, and a compressive stiffness of 5.0 ~ 7.5kN / mm, bending stiffness is 0.40 ~ 0.66kN / mm2. The interlayer shearing force is 3.6 ~ 7.1kN in the longitudinal direction and 4.6 ~ 5.9kN in the transverse direction. The tensile peel strength limit is 265 ~ 417kN / m2. Aluminum honeycomb panels can absorb most of the energy when subjected to external loads, and have good vibration damping effects.

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The main material of honeycomb aluminum panel

Aluminum honeycomb panel is a new type of composite material, which is composed of two layers of upper and lower aluminum sheets laminated with a honeycomb core through an adhesive. The material used for the aluminum honeycomb core is 3003 aluminum foil, and a small amount of 5052 aluminum sheet is in use. The thickness is basically between 0.03-0.06mm, the tensile strength is required to be above 280MPA, and the elongation is about 3%.

Honeycomb aluminum foil manufacturer

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a Chinese privately-owned aluminum processing brand and a listed company. The company has more than 5,000 employees, an annual production capacity of 650,000 tons, a production base covering an area of more than 1.3 million square meters, and has a number of imported equipment from Germany, Austria, South Korea, etc., the company is strong. The products produced can be used with confidence.

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