8011 aluminum foil for bottle caps

- 2019-12-23 -

8011 aluminum foil bottle cap material is widely used in daily life, and it is a common aluminum alloy product for daily life beverage products. Materials are non-polluting and recyclable,

8011-H18 aluminum bottle cap material

8011-H18 aluminum bottle cap material is mainly applied to stamping shallow caps, which can be cast and rolled. The process: cold rolling-foil rolling-stretch bending straightening-slitting-packaging and other processes do not require annealing treatment, so in the production process, the time period is short, of course, the price is also cheap.

aluminum bottle cap material

8011 H16 bottle cap aluminum

8011 H16 bottle cap aluminum is an important alloy material for hot rolled aluminum anti-theft cap material. Implementation of GB / T3880 standard. 8011 aluminum foil H16 medical bottle cap material and wine cap material are still slightly different in the production process. Because wine cap stretch requirements are higher than drug caps, there are differences in annealing.

8011 aluminum foil for bottle caos

Henan Mingtai Aluminum's 8011 aluminum foil production process is relatively mature. The standard chemical properties of aluminum foil can be reflected and can be used to give full play to the function of aluminum foil in product manufacturing. Aluminum foil production involves a wide range and has a good reputation. , By the praise of our customers, harvest a good user experience.

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