Introduction of household aluminum foil

- 2019-12-22 -

Household aluminum foil has been widely used in many fields including food packaging due to its unique metal properties. For many years, aluminum foil has played an irreplaceable role in human health and comfort.

Application scope of household aluminum foil

Household aluminum foil is suitable for food preservation, barbecue, aviation, hotel catering and kitchen cleaning. Products are available in rolls and blocks. It has good cooking, freezing, fresh-keeping, baking and other functions. In the refrigerator or freezer, household aluminum foil can be wrapped around the food. The aluminum foil can maintain its shape, which can prevent the water loss of fish, vegetables, fruits, and dishes. Prevent the leakage or mixing of taste, which is hygienic and convenient. Using aluminum foil to separate the high-temperature charcoal fire and smoke can avoid carcinogens caused by food scorching, which is a healthier way of eating. The commonly used aluminum foil grade for household foil is 8011 alloy.

household foil

8011 aluminum foil performance characteristics:

8011 aluminum foil surface is clean, uniform color, no spots, flat and no pinholes. At the same time, aluminum alloy has excellent moisture resistance, light shielding and extremely high barrier ability, strong mechanical properties, high blast resistance, strong puncture and tear resistance. Aluminum foil alloy 8011 is non-toxic, odorless, safe and hygienic. The aluminum foil after compounding, printing and gluing can also be widely used as packaging materials.

aluminum foil alloy 8011

8011 alloy household aluminum foil manufacturer

The 8011 aluminum foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum has undergone many tests such as bacteria and mold. The heavy metal does not exceed 0.25 parts per million. Strict implementation of industry standards. Edible aluminum foil must be hygienic and have excellent moisture resistance, shading and extreme High barrier ability, the surface of the lunch box is clean, uniform color, no spots, no oil stains, flat and no pinholes. 8011 aluminum foil is used to make household foil. Meet the requirements of the state and comply with the trend of environmental protection.

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