The price of 1100 series aluminum foil

- 2019-12-16 -

The use of 1100 series aluminum foil can be said to be relatively extensive. When users choose, not only the price considerations, but also the excellent application performance, so what are the factors that affect its price?

1100 series aluminum foil

Factors affecting the price of 1100 series aluminum foil

1100 aluminum technical conten

The quality of 1100 aluminum foil is affected by the processing technology to a certain extent. Generally speaking, the more technical the production price, the higher the price. This is because professional technicians and advanced processing equipment need to invest more, so the price is higher. 

Business nature

Everyone knows that the direct goods from the factory are much cheaper than from the agent. This is because the agent has to make a difference and intentionally raise the price. Mingtai Aluminum is a direct sales manufacturer. The goods directly from the factory are basically It is the price of the product, so the price of the 1100 aluminum foil manufacturer is lower than the price of the trader.

Purchase method (full payment, payment ratio)

Instalment intermediary banks will calculate the fees to be paid according to the interest rate. In principle, the longer the instalment time is, the higher the price will be. In contrast, the full payment will be less troublesome.

transportation cost

The prices of logistics transportation methods are different. Air transportation, sea transportation and land transportation. Air transportation of several hundred tons of aluminum foil is equivalent to burning money, so the transportation cost should be minimized.

Different state of 1100 alloy will affect price

The alloys of the same model have different alloy states, different alloys are added, and the prices are different. The alloys in different states use different processing technologies, different production requirements, and affect the price.

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of aluminum plate and foil. Its aluminum foil alloy 1100 is commonly used in food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging. Packaging materials are widely used.

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