High quality aluminum foil alloy 1235

- 2019-12-15 -

1235 aluminum alloy for packaging bags are mostly made of 3 or 4 layers of materials, and then subjected to vacuum high temperature cooking packaging. This type of packaging is mostly used in meat and food products, such as duck claw aluminum foil packaging bags, mustard aluminum foil packaging bags, etc. So what are the advantages of aluminum foil packaging bags?

aluminum alloys for packaging

Aluminum foil for packaging has strong barrier properties

Aluminum foil for packaging has the characteristics of strong barrier properties, oxidation resistance, water resistance, and moisture resistance. Tissue bags need oxygen and water-borne bacteria to improve product shelf life.

Aluminum alloys for packaing non-toxic and tasteless

Aluminum alloys for food packaing are non-toxic and tasteless, have high safety, and have great advantages for packaged foods, allowing people to eat more assured.

aluminum foil for packaging bags can withstand high temperature

Aluminum foil packaging bags have the characteristics of high temperature resistance and oil resistance, and will not deteriorate the food in the bag with the influence of weather. Therefore, 1235 aluminum foil packaging bags can be used to package our seasonal food all year round.

Excellent material for aluminum foil packaging materials

Aluminum foil packaging materials have a tight combination of materials, which have the advantages of pressure resistance, puncture resistance, and tear resistance. Bags with aluminum foil have good flexibility, which can prevent food collision problems during transportation and sales.

It is precisely because there are so many advantages that aluminum foil packaging will become more and more popular. Mingtai Aluminum is an aluminum foil manufacturer in China with high reputation and high product quality. It will increase the research and development of aluminum foil production technology, and the packaging field will become more comprehensive , And products using aluminum foil packaging are also increasingly popular.

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