3104 aluminum alloy sheet advantages performance

- 2019-12-13 -

3104 aluminum alloy sheet is commonly used in the production of canned beverages. Although there are many beverage cans on the market, aluminum alloys still account for the majority compared to plastic and paper. Today we will introduce 3104 aluminum alloy cans.

Why can 3104 alloy be sought after?

Mainly because of the unique advantages of 3104 aluminum alloy. On the one hand, 3104 is stable and difficult to react with the product to ensure food and beverage safety. On the other hand, the 3104 alloy material is lighter, which can make the products packaged in aluminum cans lighter, easier to transport and save costs.

3104 aluminum alloy sheet

3104-h19 aluminum advantages

Manufacturers can smelt 3104 alloy into different hardness alloy states according to different application requirements. Among them, 3104-h19 aluminum alloy is a more popular one that combines comfort, lightness, durability, economy, and environmental protection; Alloy 3104-19 also has good deep drawing performance and tensile strength, and the elongation can reach 20% .

3104 aluminum sheet for cans

With the upgrading of can-making technology, the surface performance requirements of 3104 aluminum sheet are getting higher and higher. For the processing technology of 3104 aluminum alloy sheet , Mingtai Aluminum has been investing a lot of money in research and development and upgrading.

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