marine grade alloy 5083 aluminum plate

- 2019-12-11 -

5083 aluminum plate belongs to the high-end products in the aluminum plate series. The product technology is complex, the production requirements are strict, and the processing cost is high. At present, the large-scale aluminum plate manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum has relatively mature processing technology for 5083 aluminum alloy plates and stable technology, which is currently the main source of 5083 aluminum alloys in the domestic and international markets.

5083 aluminum alloy price comparison on the market

The overall market price of 5083 aluminum alloy plate is relatively high, which has a close relationship with its complex technology and stable performance. In particular, different manufacturers have inconsistent aspects in terms of product production control, quality standards, and large-scale production capacity. Therefore, There may also be a certain price difference between different manufacturers quotes for the same 5083 marine aluminum alloy plate. So, how to balance price and quality when purchasing?

marine grade alloy 5083 aluminum plate

The main reference factors of 5083 aluminum alloy price

First of all, high-quality 5083 aluminum alloy products are the elements of procurement. As the saying goes, you get one for one cent. There will not be a large gap in the quotation of products by large manufacturers because there are strict production standards and the cost is almost the same. Pay attention to identifying marine grade aluminum alloy plate whose quotations are significantly lower than the market level. 

check the 5083 aluminum plate product certificate

Secondly, pay attention to check the product certificate. For 5083 aluminum plate, because the product is often used in ships, speed boats and other materials, the country has some special certifications for this product. In foreign markets, they need to pass the certifications of different classification societies, such as DNV certification. 

pay attention to the production scale of manufacturers

Finally, we must pay attention to the production scale of manufacturers. Mass production can effectively reduce costs and improve efficiency. Therefore, the stronger the manufacturer, the more able to provide comprehensive quality assurance and reliable after-sales service.

 marine aluminum alloy plate

Henan Mingtai Aluminum is a leading company in the domestic ship plate manufacturing industry. The aluminum plate produced has good weldability and machinability, and is used as a marine grade alloy and has a good reputation.

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