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- 2019-12-10 -

Aluminum plate 5083 h112 can also be used as rust-proof aluminum plate. Its rust-proof aluminum strength is about 20% higher than that of 5052 alloy. The rust-proof aluminum aluminum plate cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, has low strength and high plasticity.

General use of aluminum alloy 5083 h112

The products processed by aluminum alloy 5083 h112 plate are suitable for manufacturing middle load welded pipes, liquid containers and other parts that require high plasticity and corrosion resistance. Mingtai Aluminum 5083 aluminum plate is mainly used in shipbuilding, tanker car bodies and high-voltage switches.

aluminum plate 5083 h112

5083 h112 aluminum plate supplier

Founded in 1997, Henan Mingtai Aluminum has accumulated rich experience in producing aluminum alloy products including 5083 h112 aluminum pate. Through unremitting efforts, its research and development “1 + 4” hot rolling production line has increased its production capacity to 650,000 Tons, domestic and foreign companies in the field of shipbuilding, construction and other fields have custom-made high-quality aluminum plates for a long time, and have won the honorary title of "National Top Ten Aluminum Plate, Strip and Foil Enterprises".

aluminum plate 5083 h112 supplier

At present, the innovation capability of Mingtai Aluminum industry has been continuously improved, and scientific development has been achieved. It has gradually become a business model that is oriented to corporate needs and targets product quality and service, and continuously delivers high-quality aluminum alloy products to the world.

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