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- 2019-12-10 -

Recently, the aluminum alloy products 8021-0 alloy foil 0. 03- 0. 06mm produced by Mingtai Aluminum have been selected by the Industry and Information Commission to announce the directory of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products promotion enterprises in Henan Province.

aluminum alloy products Market Status

In recent years, with the serious excess production capacity of aluminum alloy products, competition has become increasingly fierce, and market economic data and indicators have become relatively stable. The development of the aluminum alloy raw materials processing industry has been affected to some extent. R & D investment, stretching the industrial chain, and ensuring product differentiation and innovation, have become particularly important and an important manifestation of a company's core competitiveness.

aluminum alloy products

Mingtai Aluminum develops new aluminum alloy products

Mingtai Aluminum regards the research and development of new aluminum alloy products and stretching the industrial chain as the top priority for corporate development. It has successively developed color mirror aluminum, color coated plates, aluminum for battery boxes, aluminum for auto parts, aluminum for tank cars, New products such as aluminum plates for vans. It guarantees product innovation and differentiation, so that enterprises occupy a favorable position in the fierce market competition.

Mingtai Aluminum

Aluminum alloy products promote lightweight

Aluminum alloy products are also the main materials for lightweight vehicles. From automotive body parts to fuel tanks, radiators, automotive interiors and other components, aluminum plate and aluminum foil products are constantly increasing the level of automotive aluminization with steady growth. Accelerate China to become a new energy producer, and reach the international advanced level in the core technology of lithium batteries. National policy support for the lithium battery market and the new energy vehicle market has brought strong market demand for lithium battery aluminum foil products.

aluminum sheet battery enclosure

Through the implementation of Mingtai Aluminum's new project, the company's product structure has been optimized, its innovation capability has been rapidly improved, and its competitiveness has been continuously strengthened, thus realizing the transformation and upgrading of the company. The company will continue to adhere to innovation-driven, market-oriented, actively develop the green new aluminum industry, and gradually grow into a higher-quality aluminum alloy producer, and then fight for the revitalization of national industry!

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