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- 2019-12-07 -

Equipment made of aluminum alloy 1050 is often used in situations that require both corrosion resistance, formability, and low strength. Although 1050 alloy cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, it can be strengthened by cold deformation. At the same time, increasing the content of iron and silicon impurities in 1050 aluminum can increase the strength, but it will reduce the plasticity, conductivity and corrosion resistance.

1050 aluminum alloy oxidation

In the actual process, the surface anodization of 1050 aluminum alloy is more common and can be used in daily life. This process forms a hard protective layer on the surface of aluminum parts, which can be used to produce daily necessities, such as kitchen utensils:  aluminum alloy sheet 1050 has good oxidation performance, especially hot-rolled 1050 aluminum sheet has good oxidation performance.

 aluminum alloy sheet 1050

1050 aluminum sheet specifications

1050 aluminum sheet is very soft and not strong, but it has good ductility and can be drawn into filaments or aluminum foil. Aluminum alloy sheet 1050 has low density, and can be reinforced, easy to process, and has good electrical and thermal conductivity. Electrical conductivity is two thirds of copper, and thermal conductivity is three times that of iron. Switches, radiators, etc. 1050 aluminum sheet cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. Can be strengthened by cold deformation. The heat treatment is annealed. Corrosion resistance, no low temperature brittleness, strong reflectivity, non-magnetic, sound absorption, nuclear radiation resistance, beautiful.

1050 aluminum sheet

As a manufacturer of 1050 aluminum sheet, Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. produces  aluminum alloy sheet 1050, with low density, good electrical and thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance, and good plastic workability. It is used in some places that require high corrosion resistance and formability but not high in strength. Select Mingtai Select a quality guarantee.

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