8021 aluminum foil for blister packaging

- 2019-12-06 -

In daily life, 8021 aluminum foil for blister packaging has been widely used. In medicine, it is mainly used as pharmaceutiacal aluminum foil. It is used for packaging of pharmaceutical capsules, tablets, etc., because of direct contact with edible drugs, the appearance and Performance requirements are very strict.

8021 aluminum foil specifications

The thickness of 8021 aluminum foil used for packaging purposes is mostly above 0.05mm. Blister aluminum foil requires no oil stains, no black lines, no pinholes, no yellow spots, no lotus leaf edges, etc. 8021 pharmaceutical aluminum foil has excellent Moisture resistance, shading and extremely high barrier capacity. Non-toxic, tasteless, safe and hygienic.

8021 aluminum foil

Performance advantages of Mingtai Aluminum 8021 aluminum foil

With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, the requirements for pharmaceutical packaging are also getting higher and higher. Henan Mingtai Aluminum, as a domestic first-class aluminum plate and foil manufacturer, produces 8021 aluminum foil with excellent moisture resistance, barrier properties, chemical stability, Hygiene, the proportion of market applications is rising, the appearance and quality are getting better and better, and the market prospect is very broad.

aluminum foil for blister packaging

In addition to the traditional aluminum foil for blister packaging, 8021 aluminum foil is also compounded with various plastics and paper as pharmaceutical packaging materials, such as child-safe blister aluminum foil, cold stamped aluminum foil, tropical blister packaging aluminum foil suppositories Powder composite film.

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