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- 2019-12-05 -

Aluminum alloy 1070 foil is a soft metal film, not only has the advantages of moisture resistance, air tightness, abrasion resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, etc., but also because aluminum alloy 1070 has an elegant silver-white gloss, which is easy to process beautiful patterns of various colors and The pattern is therefore favored by people.

Introduction of pure aluminum 1070

Pure aluminum 1070 has low strength and is not strengthened by heat treatment. It has poor workability, but due to its high plasticity and corrosion resistance, it can accept contact welding and gas welding. It uses its advantages to make some conductive and thermally conductive materials with specific properties The characteristic structural parts, such as aluminum alloy 1070 foil made of gaskets and capacitors, electronic tube insulation nets, wires, cable protective covers, network cable cores and aircraft ventilation system parts and decorative parts.

aluminum alloy 1070 foil

Mingtai Aluminum produces aluminum alloy 1070

Aluminum alloy 1070 foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd has a uniform surface color and flat pattern, and strictly controls the key production processes such as rolling and annealing to ensure that aluminum alloy 1070 properties are free from corrosion marks and obvious roll marks. And also strictly control the number of pinholes to achieve food-grade, safe and hygienic. Mingtai Aluminum's 1070 aluminum foil, applied to electronic foil, has a high market share, close to 80%.

aluminum alloy 1070 foil application

Henan Mingtai Aluminum's aluminum alloy 1070 foil production size standards are strictly implemented in accordance with national high-precision standards. 1070 aluminum foil is often used in electronic components and food packaging due to its excellent characteristics. The product performance is stable and the quality is excellent.

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