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- 2019-12-04 -

Because aluminum sheet alloy 3003 has manganese alloy elements, this product not only has rust prevention properties, but also has a strength that is about 10% higher than that of pure aluminum alloy 1100 aluminum, and has good formability, weldability and corrosion resistance.

aluminum sheet alloy 3003 performance advantages

Aluminum sheet alloy 3003 has a high aluminum content, the addition of manganese, the color is darker than the pure aluminum plate, and the edges can be chamfered, which is better than the national standard requirements for corners. 3003 aluminum sheet has a higher aluminum content, and aluminum's electrical and thermal properties are second only to copper, so many people also use aluminum plates instead of copper wires.

aluminum sheet alloy 3003 uses

aluminum sheet alloy 3003 uses

The application range of aluminum sheet alloy 3003 also covers the field of 1100 aluminum alloy, but the strength is higher than 1100 aluminum sheet; 3003 alloy has high salt resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, oil resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, immersion resistance, resistance Corrosion and other characteristics, so various corrosion resistance fields, such as various types of capacitor casings, automotive fuel tanks, transmission pipelines, electronic parts, marine parts and other 3003 aluminum sheet are the first choice series.

aluminum sheet alloy 3003

aluminum sheet alloy 3003 manufacturers

Mingtai Aluminum's existing equipment can perform flattening, shearing, slitting, slitting, laser cutting, punching, punching, hemming, and precision processing of 3003 aluminum sheet and aluminum coils to meet customers' different needs for aluminum. Provide customers with value-added professional one-stop service of aluminum.

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