aluminum alloy 5083 plate suppliers in China

- 2019-11-29 -

Aluminum alloy 5083 is an AL-Mg series alloy. It is a widely used rust-proof aluminum. This alloy has high strength, especially fatigue resistance, high plasticity and corrosion resistance. It cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. It can be hardened in semi-cold work. Good plasticity at the time, low plasticity at cold working, good corrosion resistance, good weldability, poor machinability, and polishing.

Mingtai Aluminum aluminum alloy 5083 plate products

At present, the domestic aluminum alloy 5083 plate commonly used specifications are 1220 * 2440mm, which is generally used as a mold and is one of the main materials for mold manufacturing enterprises. At the same time, 5083 aluminum plate has good rust prevention function, so it has also become rust prevention aluminum plate, which has a bright application prospect in marine economy such as ship accessories. With the development of the world's marine industry, marine aluminum alloy 5083 plate will usher in more development space.

aluminum alloy 5083 plate

5083 alloy aluminum plate has good performance

The 5083 alloy aluminum plate produced by Mingtai Aluminum has high purity, high uniformity, fine grains, extremely low porosity, extremely low internal stress, strong dimensional stability, high dimensional accuracy, good flatness, and low surface roughness. It is suitable for Anodizing treatment can achieve the effects of no black spots, no black stripes, no black bands on the surface after oxidation, no color difference, uniform coloring, and good gloss.

5083 marine grade alloy

Henan Mingtai Aluminum has obtained DNV GL certification of 5083 aluminum plate and 5086 aluminum plate, because it has high corrosion resistance, good weldability and other characteristics. It is often used in the manufacture of sheet metal parts, meters, The passing of DNV certification for hardware products and electrical enclosures is not only a recognition of 5083 marine grade alloy products, but also a icing on the cake to promote Mingtai products to the international market.

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