1070 aluminum alloy excellent properties

- 2019-11-27 -

The heat treatment of 1070 aluminum foil is oil quenching. After cold-roll forming, it is destressed, drawn to a specified size, and then annealed. After softened cold-roll forming, it needs to be quenched and tempered at medium temperature to obtain all Required mechanical properties.

1070 aluminum sheet main features and application range

1070 aluminum sheet has the characteristics of high plasticity, corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, but low strength, not strengthened by heat treatment, poor machinability, acceptable for contact welding and gas welding. Use its advantages to make some structural parts with specific properties, such as 1070 aluminum foil made of gaskets and capacitors, electronic tube insulation nets, wire, cable protective sleeves, nets, cores and aircraft ventilation system parts and decorative parts.

1070 aluminum alloy

1070  aluminum alloy has beautiful appearance 

1070 aluminum alloy foil is highly reflective and has a silvery white surface. After processing, it can achieve a high degree of finish and brightness. If anodized and colored into an aluminum oxide plate, it can not only improve the corrosion resistance, but also obtain Colorful and dazzling products, 1070 aluminum is also an excellent substrate for producing painted materials.

1070 aluminum alloy sheet

1070 aluminum and aluminum alloy corrosion resistance

1070 aluminum foil roll is easy to form a dense and strong protective film. This protective film will be destroyed only under the intense action of halogen ions or alkali ions. Therefore, 1070 aluminum is very resistant to the atmosphere (including industrial atmosphere) And marine atmosphere) corrosion and water corrosion. It can resist the corrosion of most acids and organics. It adopts corrosion inhibitor to resist weak alkali corrosion. The protective measures can improve the corrosion resistance of 1070 aluminum alloy.

1070 aluminum alloy foil

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