Aluminum sheet and aluminum foil as raw materials

- 2019-11-25 -

Aluminum alloy sheets can be processed into a variety of semi-finished products and cast into castings, for various industries to manufacture machinery, equipment, molds and other parts, as well as packaging materials, in addition, aluminum alloy foil can also be used to manufacture cookware, kitchen utensils, Cosmetics, vaccines and drugs.

Aluminum plate and aluminum foil as raw materials

Aluminum plate and aluminum foil are used as raw materials in different places. The 6061 aluminum plate is widely used. It is often used for four-door and two-cover of the automobile. The 6061 medium-thick aluminum plate can be used for the production of the mold, the structural part of the upper part of the ship foil, and the multi-purpose 5 series aluminum plate. For tanker materials, 5754 tanker aluminum plate, 5052 fuel tank aluminum; 2, 7 series aluminum plate is called aviation aluminum and military aluminum plate, 2, 7 series is high magnesium alloy, strong hardness, with high strength and anti-flaking Corrosion and resistance to stress corrosion cracking.

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Aluminum foil is also very versatile

Aluminum foil is also widely used, there are 8011 aluminum foil for food packaging; 1235 tape aluminum foil for making durable aluminum foil tape for durability and tear resistance; 3003 aluminum foil is the first choice for food packaging aluminum foil; more new Lithium battery foil 1050 aluminum foil, 1060 aluminum foil, 1235 aluminum foil, etc. required for energy electric vehicles.

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