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- 2019-11-25 -

Nutritional beverages for dairy products can be found everywhere in life. These beverages are rich in calcium, sodium, protein, vitamins and lactic acid bacteria, which provide the body with rich nutrient intake. Due to the special nature of this type of beverage, the use of aluminum foil material for sealing is of great benefit. Aluminum Foil for Sealing Lids ensures that nutrition is not lost and safer.

Other uses of 8011 aluminum foil

Due to its excellent properties, 8011 aluminum foil is commonly used as a packaging material and is widely used in many industries, including food, beverages, cigarettes, and pharmaceuticals. Aluminum Foil for Sealing Lids is a soft metal film. The advantages are versatile, such as moisture-proof, shading, abrasion resistance, food-grade non-toxic and tasteless, and it can also be printed and easy to process. It is very popular among manufacturers.

Aluminum foil for sealing lids with 8011 alloy 

The yogurt cover aluminum foil, generally 8011 aluminum foil is used, 8011 alloy aluminum foil is added with Al-Fe-Si element, and the alloy properties of more than 1% of the total alloy elements have corresponding advantages, the surface is clean, the color is uniform, no Streaky, flat without pinhole; 8011 alloy for bottle sealing foil is also used for excellent moisture resistance, shading and high barrier ability, strong mechanical properties, high blast resistance, strong puncture and tear resistance.

Aluminum Foil for Sealing Lids with 8011 alloy

Mingtai Aluminum has a strong production capacity. After nearly a period of technological innovation, the annual production capacity of aluminum sheet and foil is 650,000 tons. The quality of Aluminum Foil for Sealing Lids is reliable, and it is a long-term supply for many dairy products manufacturers at home and abroad. goods.

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