The 5182 aluminum plate price affecting factors

- 2019-11-23 -

The 5182 aluminum plate is widely used in the manufacture of ship decks and large tankers. It plays an increasingly important role in the lightweighting of equipment. As its role expands, it has to talk about the price trend. The following is mainly for the price of 5182 aluminum sheets. Do an analysis, the analysis mainly comes from 5182 aluminum plate manufacturers - Mingtai Aluminum.

5182 aluminum plate specifications

5182 aluminum plate has different specifications and requirements, so the price of 5182 aluminum is naturally different. Under normal conditions, the thicker the 5182 aluminum alloy plate, the higher its price.

5182 aluminum plate for Automotive

5182 aluminum plate technical content

Different 5182 aluminum plate manufacturers have this difference in technology. The higher the manufacturing technology and process technology, the higher the price of the 5182 aluminum sheet.

5182 aluminum alloy plate

5182 aluminum plate raw material cost

Different manufacturers use aluminum ingot materials, there are also differences, large manufacturers will purchase high-quality raw materials, to ensure the quality of aluminum panels from the source, which also invisibly increased the price of 5182 aluminum sheets.

5182 aluminum plate

Market factors affecting the price of 5182 aluminum plates

When the price of aluminum ingots on the market will have a certain fluctuation every day, it will affect the price of 5182 aluminum alloy plate to a certain extent.

5182 aluminum plate manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum produces 5182 aluminum alloy sheet with 20 years of production experience, and its price is relatively accurate. If you need to know more about 5182 aluminum sheet and related content, you can consult in time.

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