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- 2019-11-20 -

In recent years, due to the deterioration of the current environment, the development advantages of relatively clean and environmentally friendly electric vehicles are gradually emerging. The rapid development of power batteries will definitely drive the development of related industries. The 3003 aluminum sheet has obvious advantages for the use of the battery shell, and the prospect is very good.

3003 aluminum sheet for battery shell advantage

The advantages of the 3003 aluminum sheet for battery shell can greatly reduce the weight of the power battery and provide advantages in the installation and assembly process. In addition, the 3003 aluminum sheet can greatly improve the safety of the power battery.

3003 aluminum sheet supplier

Professional 3003 aluminum sheet supplier

Mingtai Aluminum specializes in producing 3003 aluminum sheets for battery shell . In the long-term research and development, the quality of Mingtai Aluminum has been recognized by the industry. 3003 aluminum sheet is widely used in the manufacture of aluminum brake battery shell. Mingtai Aluminum has established good cooperative relations with many electric vehicle manufacturers.

3003 aluminum sheet for battery shell

It is also an alloy of 3XXX series with 3003 aluminum sheet supplier.,the 3003 aluminum coil is also widely used, such as honeycomb core aluminum foil, electronic foil, honeycomb material, lunch box material, container foil and the like.

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