6061 aluminum alloy for wheels has many advantages

- 2019-11-18 -

It is not unfamiliar to mention aluminum alloy wheels. When buying a car, it will be weighed and compared by consumers as a more important reference indicator for appearance and configuration. The common 6061 aluminum alloy for wheels has the advantage that steel wheels can't match, which has a great impact on future driving.

Aluminum alloy for wheels heat dissipation is good

The heat transfer coefficient of 6061 aluminum alloy is three times larger than that of steel. The friction between the tire and the ground and the brake disc and the brake pad during the running of the car will generate a very high heat, which will cause the tire and the brake pad to age and accelerate the wear, and the braking performance will be abruptly attenuated due to the high temperature. There is also a risk of puncture in the tire. The 6061 aluminum alloy for wheels can transmit this heat to the air faster than the steel wheels, increasing the safety factor.

6061 aluminum alloy for wheels

Aluminum alloy for wheels light weight

The proportion of aluminum alloy for wheels is smaller than that of steel wheels. The average one is about two kilograms lighter than the same size steel wheel. The total spare wheel can be reduced by eight kilograms. The lighter wheel can also reduce the resistance during starting and acceleration. Together, they make the vehicle more fuel efficient.

6061 aluminum alloy for wheels

Aluminum alloy for wheels with high precision

The precision of aluminum alloy for wheel casting is much higher than that of steel wheels, and the roundness and unbalance weight are small. In addition, the 6061 aluminum alloy has a small modulus of elasticity and is superior to steel wheels in vibration resistance. These two can effectively reduce vehicle vibration and make driving more comfortable.

6061 aluminum alloy for wheels

Aluminum alloy for wheels is more beautiful

The aluminum alloy for wheel has better fluidity and tension in the high temperature liquid state than the steel wheel hub. The post-polishing and electroplating process enables it to produce a more beautiful and changeable appearance; the surface anti-corrosion treatment and the electrostatic powder coating also make it As long as new.

6061 aluminum alloy for wheels

In summary, aluminum alloy for wheels have many advantages, so the use of aluminum alloy in the hub is also more common. The 6061 aluminum alloy plate produced by Mingtai Aluminum can be used in buildings and ships in addition to automobile wheels.

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