Common sense and application of electronic aluminum foil

- 2019-11-16 -

The aluminum foil used in electrolytic capacitors belongs to the category of electronic aluminum foil, which is a corrosive material that works under polar conditions. Electronic aluminum foils of different polarities require different types of corrosion. The high-voltage anode foil is column-like corrosion, the low-pressure anode foil is spongy corrosion, and the anode electronic foil of the medium-pressure section is worm-like corrosion.

Improved quality of electronic aluminum foil processing

Prior to the 1980s, electrolytic capacitors mostly used manual chemical etching, and after the 1980s, they were linked to electrochemical corrosion. The electronic aluminum foil used for manual etching has a low purity (99.3% to 99.7%), and the quality of the electronic foil processing is not high. The linkage electrochemical corrosion requires the purity of the electronic aluminum foil to be higher and higher, and the processing quality of the electronic foil is also required to be more and more refined. From the purity of aluminum, the purity of aluminum in the 1980s was 99.99%, and the purity of aluminum has reached 99.993%. This is the requirement of electronic aluminum foil, and the technology of the aluminum processing industry is progressing.

application of electronic aluminum foil

The trend of the purity of electronic aluminum foil is reduced

The increased purity of the electronic aluminum foil, of course, has a good impact on the quality of the electronic foil, but on the other hand, the cost is increasing. At the same time, corrosive media are constantly changing, some media concentrations are increasing, and some media types are changing, which are unfavorable to environmental protection work, resulting in heavy environmental tasks for production companies, which may require the purity of electronic aluminum foil to be reduced. . From the analysis of the newer components of most electronic aluminum foils on the market, it has been found that this trend has been made.

application of electronic aluminum foil

At present, the development of aluminum electrolytic capacitors in the market is also very fast. From the development of the electronics industry, the output of aluminum electrolytic capacitors will be greatly improved in recent years, and the demand for electronic aluminum foil for electrolytic capacitors will also increase. Not long ago, Mingtai Aluminum's high-voltage electronic foil research project for electrolytic capacitors was successfully developed, and the product quality has reached the international advanced level, which has brought good news to many domestic and foreign electrolytic capacitor processing manufacturers.

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