1070 aluminum foil can be used for barbecue

- 2019-11-15 -

Barbecue is an indispensable one for everyday food. In order to maintain the hygiene of the ingredients without affecting the taste of the ingredients, a layer of aluminum foil is usually wrapped outside the ingredients. 1070 aluminum foil is one of the aluminum foils that can be used for barbecue.

 Advantages of 1070 aluminum foil for barbecue

 1070 aluminum foil is used for high temperature resistance during barbecue. When used for barbecue, 1070 aluminum foil needs to add a layer of mica composite tape with fire resistance function. Under high temperature baking, 1070 aluminum foil layer can degrade the high temperature radiation part on the surface of mica. In addition, it can be reduced by about 100 to 150 °C, which can improve the effective working range of mica, and not only ensure the heating of the ingredients, but also the damage of the aluminum foil material.

1070 aluminum foil

 1070 aluminum foil performance

 1070 aluminum foil has oxidation resistance. Because 1070 aluminum foil has high purity, it reacts with oxygen in oxygen to form aluminum oxide film, and its film is chemically stable to prevent further chemical reaction between 1070 aluminum foil and oxygen to achieve moisture and pollution prevention.

1070 aluminum foil

 1070 aluminum foil can be used not only for barbecue, but also as aluminum foil tape substrate, etc. It is made of high quality pressure sensitive adhesive and made into aluminum foil tape. It has good adhesion, strong adhesion, anti-aging and heat preservation. It can be widely used in: refrigerator, empty, Automotive, electronics and other industries.

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