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- 2019-11-14 -

Honeycomb aluminum foil material (also known as aluminum honeycomb core, aluminum honeycomb panel) is a composite material which adopts multi-layer aluminum foil and high-strength adhesive, which is laminated and stretched into a regular hexagonal honeycomb hole structure. Aluminum alloys mainly include 3003 alloy and 5052 alloy. 

The main advantages of honeycomb aluminum foil materials

One is that the honeycomb aluminum foil has good sound insulation and shockproof effect. The second is that the surface of the honeycomb aluminum foil is treated with epoxy fluorocarbon, which has strong corrosion resistance, aging resistance, no cracking, and no foaming. The third is the composite function of the honeycomb foil structure, which has strong rigidity and tear resistance, and the performance is stable and does not deform. The fourth is the intelligent function of honeycomb aluminum foil functional materials, light texture, convenient transportation, reusable, relatively low carbon and environmental protection.

Honeycomb aluminum foil supplier

Honeycomb aluminum foil material main use

The market demand for honeycomb aluminum foil materials is constantly expanding and diversifying. It is widely used in architectural decorative curtain walls, furniture, home decoration, shopping mall booths, automobiles, high-speed rail cars, subway cars, ships, aviation, energy, etc., and the market demand will gradually increase in the future. 3003 aluminum foil for honeycomb core material is used for aluminum honeycomb composite panels with higher resistance to wind pressure deformation and stronger rigidity. With the rapid development of transportation and construction industry in the future, its future application prospects are very promising.

Honeycomb aluminum foil supplier

Mingtai Aluminum produces honeycomb aluminum foil with strong decoration, easy processing, easy installation and disassembly, and lighter weight than other materials, flame retardant and heat insulation, good fireproof performance, often used in high and mid-range honeycomb doors and windows, decoration, and sound insulation materials, a large number The demand for customers has grown, and Mingtai Aluminum has strengthened the production of honeycomb aluminum foil to meet the development of the company.

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