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- 2019-11-12 -

The application of sealing foil is still quite extensive, and it can be seen almost everywhere in all walks of life. Many people are asking how to choose sealing foil. Below, let Mingai Aluminum solve this problem for everyone.

Sealing foil thickness

First, you should ask or look at the thickness of the sealing foil. The thickness of the sealing foil directly affects its quality. The higher the thickness, the better the quality of the sealing foil, and vice versa.

Sealing foil selection knowledge

Sealing foil production process

Secondly, we should pay attention to check the supplier process of sealing foil. The quality of sealing foil made by different manufacturing processes is different. The production process is advanced, and the quality of bottle sealing foil will be high. On the contrary, if the production process is ordinary, the same raw materials will There are different lifespans and sturdiness, so we should choose the advanced sealing foil for the production process.

Sealing foil selection knowledge

Sealing foil pattern

In addition, the pattern of the sealing foil will also affect its quality. You can choose the sealing foil that suits you according to the actual situation of your factory, so you can buy a product that can help you.

Sealing foil selection knowledge

After understanding the above options for selecting the sealing foil, I believe that when choosing the right sealing foil, I will not know how to choose. Mingtai Aluminum is a professional sealing foil supplier. If you want to know more about sealing foil, you can contact Mingtai Aluminum at any time.

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