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- 2019-11-11 -

Lithium battery foil can be divided into power battery foil, consumer battery foil, energy storage battery foil, among which power battery foil is currently the largest demand, accounting for more than 50%, while the consumer battery aluminum foil market is basically saturated. Industry analysts believe that the future demand for power battery aluminum foil will further increase, and the storage of lithium battery aluminum foil will gradually exert its strength.

Lithium battery foil can inhibit battery polarization

Lithium battery foil can inhibit battery polarization and reduce thermal effect, improve rate performance; reduce battery internal resistance, and significantly reduce the dynamic internal resistance increase of the cycle; lithium battery foil protection current collector is not corroded by electrolyte; lithium battery aluminum foil improves phosphoric acid Processing properties of iron lithium and lithium titanate materials.

Lithium battery foil supplier

Lithium battery foil extends battery life.

Lithium battery foil significantly improves the consistency of the battery pack, greatly reducing the battery composition;Lithium battery foil improving the adhesive adhesion of the active material and the current collector, the material is soft, easy to process, reducing the manufacturing cost of the pole piece; Lithium battery aluminum foil reducing the polarization, increasing the magnification and the gram Capacity, improve battery performance; lithium battery foil protects the current collector and extends battery life.

Lithium battery foil supplier

The lithium battery foil and electronic foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum account for more than 20% of all aluminum foil products, and are increasing year by year. Mingtai Aluminum is committed to the two-way development of the quality and quantity of lithium battery foil.

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